It’s the middle of August, and families across the world are getting back in the swing of things. From sun up to sun down, it’s easy to forget a small task here or there if you are too busy running more pressing, possibly more important errands. Well, if you have a smart phone, it is now easier than ever to leave yourself a reminder, find out how much longer your battery will last on its charge, and even locate your phone in the event you misplace it. What follows are several apps available for iPhone and Android smart phones that you should download now (all of them have a free version) in case you forget later.


Find My iPhone

Bad news: you lost your phone. It is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings a person can undergo. Good news: you will have no trouble finding your phone if you install Find My iPhone and setup everything properly.

Find My iPhone will let you use another iOS device (your friend’s iPhone or iPad) to find your iPhone and protect your data. If you lose your iPhone, just ask your friend to download the free app on their iPhone or iPad. Open it, sign in with your Apple ID, and use the map that appears to locate, lock, or wipe your iPhone. Just remember to enable Find My iPhone in the iCloud settings on your iPhone right when you install it, otherwise you won’t be able to find your iPhone if you lose it later.

This app is free in the iTunes Store. There is a similar app available on the Android Marketplace (now formally Google Play) for just 99 cents.

Alarm Clock

Waking up is often the toughest part of the day. Whether you use your body’s clock, or anywhere from 1-4 alarm clocks, you can never have too many reminders that the sun is coming up and you’ll be late for work if you hit snooze again. Chances are good that Alarm Clock will become your one and only go-to app each morning.

Alarm Clock isn’t just that. It also includes local weather conditions and temperatures. A new feature allows you to shake your iPhone to make it snooze, instead of having to slide to unlock or enter your password. The clock can display 12- or 24-hours. The alarm includes several different sounds/noises. Plus, you can set the alarm to fade in/out as it activates.

This app is free in both the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Battery Magic

If there’s one thing most smart phone users care about more than anything, it is battery life. “How long can I use my phone before I have to plug it in again?” Sure, all phones have a percentage-based status indicator, often at the top right corner of the screen, that shows how much is left, but what if you need more information than that? Well, that’s when you could use some Battery Magic.

Battery Magic provides the most comprehensive analysis of exactly how much more time you can use your smart phone before the battery loses its charge. It even breaks things down category, showing you how much talk time, game time, video playback, or wi-fi internet you have left. Ultimately, Battery Magic allows you to prioritize the tasks you do on your phone to ensure you have enough juice left in case of emergency.

This app is free in both the iTunes Store and Google Play.



Many activities require the use of a timer or stopwatch: cooking, exercising and laundry to name a few. Sometimes you may have several timers going at once, on different devices, in different rooms. You can easily forget you set one, or maybe not even hear it go off if in a different room. However, odds are that no matter where you are (in your home or out), you have your phone with you in case of emergency. Why not use your phone as an all-in-one-place timer?

Timer+ is a simple countdown timer that can run multiple timers from a list of presets. It lets you pause and resume timers and set timers with seconds. Timer+ will alert you even when it’s running in the background.

This app is free in the iTunes Store. There is a similar free app available on Google Play called Stopwatch & Timer.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notesapp is basically Post-it Notes for your iPhone or Android smart phone. This app allows you to quickly and easily take notes, customize their look, and create wallpapers for your lockscreen to use as quick reminders. You can even create personal reminders, shopping lists, special notes to your loved ones, and more!

This app is free in the iTunes Store. There is a similar free app available on Google Play called ColorNote.

More to App-reciate

The apps detailed above can help you better manage your daily life and ensure that you are on-time for important tasks and appointments. As the school year ramps up, it can be easier than ever to feel pressed for time. Therefore, Capital Connect suggests you try out these free apps. Hopefully they can help you plan and structure your day-to-day activities better.

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