Commercial Security Solutions

As a provider of integrated security solutions for businesses and commercial enterprises of all sizes, Connect Security is committed to protecting everything a business needs for success—from property and inventory to personnel. Our goal is to design, install and monitor specially designed systems according to your specific business needs.

We are experts in customizing security solutions for businesses based on what owners and managers find most important. Whether that is detecting and deterring intruders; offering simple-to-use, remotely accessible surveillance systems; or cloud-based access-control solutions, we will design a package that meets your security goals.

Intrusion Detection

Motion and glass-break detectors notify management and the monitoring station the instant that an incident takes place. Automated arming of the alarm system can assure that your property is protected according to a schedule that you choose, so you never have to wonder whether the last employee out the door remembered to set the alarm. And because it is cellular, there are no lines for an intruder to cut. The best part is you can monitor and control it all from a smartphone.

Access Control

Know in an instant who is entering your business. Keep track of employees entering the premises at unexpected times. Give each employee access to only certain areas and change access at any time from anywhere. From one to hundreds of doors, monitor it all on the same interface as your intrusion system—on your smartphone or computer, from anywhere.

Video Surveillance

Keep track of everyone in and around your business. External video, complete with night-vision, can be viewed in real-time on any phone or tablet, so you can spot potential intruders before they have a chance to act. Or, keep an eye on employees 24/7; see who’s working, who’s slacking, and who is sneaking product out the back door.

Smoke and Fire Detection

Our hybrid wired and wireless technology is always on the job, communicating with business owners and emergency services no matter what the conditions are, which is especially critical in the event of a fire.