How to Keep Your Unoccupied Summer Home Secure

This is the time of year when many Tucsonans drive up to Payson, Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, or Alpine and start locking down summer homes. As Tucson’s temperature become pleasant, there’s no need to drive 200 miles to get out of the heat. Besides, most of the cities in which Tucsonans vacation in the summer are cold or snowy in the winter.

How to Keep Criminals at Bay This Holiday Season

Everyone loves the holidays, but few love them as much as criminals. Picture yourself as a burglar for a moment. Your chosen vocation requires you to find houses where you think you’ll find new or recently purchased big-ticket items. In a perfect world, everything would be in the same room, so you wouldn’t have to spend time searching the entire house, and … also in a perfect world … it’d be nice if everything were on display, so it could all be located before a break-in from outside the house. And it would be SO nice if everything were already in easy-to-carry boxes.

How to Secure Rental Property

Do you have, or are you thinking of purchasing, income property? With housing prices still relatively low, buying a property to rent for a few years is a smart idea. Calculate a competitive rent that includes your mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and estimated monthly repair costs and, while you may not make a monthly profit, in five years, you can sell the house for more than you paid, and it hasn’t cost a dime. Charge a little more, and you’ll even have some spending money each month. Sound pretty good, doesn’t it? Well … maybe. The fact is, there are plenty of security issues to consider when thinking of purchasing a rental property.

Fake Security: Criminals Are Smarter Than You Think

People are often duped into buying counterfeit products they think are real. A look at the top-10 list of fakes shows that many fakes can be deadly. Would you feel comfortable driving down the highway at 75 mph if you knew that your tires or some components of your airbag or braking system were cheaply made fakes that could fail at any time? Aerospace fakes are also on the most-popular list. How do you feel about flying in a plane that has inferior fake parts in its engines, wings or stabilizers?

Selling Your Home? How to Add Value with Home Security

Everyone who has ever thought about selling their home has heard the conventional wisdom on how to increase a home’s value with minimal investment. Usually, the advice is to upgrade the bathroom … or is it the kitchen … or both? Then, of course, it’s a good idea to paint and plaster and have your yard landscaped. And make sure the furnace and the roof are both fairly new. By the time you get through with all the repairs and upgrades, you’ll spend more money fixing up your old house than you were planning on spending to buy a new house. Still, there are things you can replace or add to a home that really will result in a net gain.

How to Thwart Burglars and Keep Your Home Safe

Your home is supposed to be your castle. It’s not only the place you and your family live, it probably contains everything you hold dear. Some items may have an intrinsic value—your grandmother’s wedding ring, your father’s watch, your uncle’s coin collection—while other items are valuable only to you, such as photos and letters. To have anything in your home stolen or damaged by criminals would be tragic.

Social Media: Criminals Are Reading Your Posts

Social media has us sharing everything about our lives. People who are going on a vacation will often announce their impending trip on social media, they’ll post photos from the airport—sometimes even posting a pic of their boarding pass—and then post a stream of pics at various locations through their trip.

The Latest Fire Monitoring Technology Could Save Your Business

You’ve spent a lifetime building your business, and it could all go up in smoke in a matter of hours. Even more devastating is a fire that takes the life of a customer or employee. Most often, fires start accidentally in areas where cooking takes place, so healthcare facilities and restaurants are the most likely to experience fires from this source. Unfortunately, unintentional and accidental fires comprise a large percentage of all workplace fires, but are nearly impossible to predict.

Home Automation and Home Security Systems in Tucson Arizona

Modern home security systems offer a wide range of home automation features. Thanks to wireless technology, it’s possible to control virtually any home system via your home security system from a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access. From making sure that your kids have locked the door after themselves while you’re still at work to turning the lights off and on while you’re on vacation to deter potential burglars, you have the control you need to ensure your home stays safe at all times. Consider the following home automation features you’ll have with your new digital home alarm system from Connect Security in Tucson AZ.