5 Popular iPhone/Android Reminder Apps Just In Case You Forget

It’s the middle of August, and families across the world are getting back in the swing of things. From sun up to sun down, it’s easy to forget a small task here or there if you are too busy running more pressing, possibly more important errands. Well, if you have a smart phone, it is now easier than ever to leave yourself a reminder, find out how much longer your battery will last on its charge, and even locate your phone in the event you misplace it. What follows are several apps available for iPhone and Android smart phones that you should download now (all of them have a free version) in case you forget later.

Burglars Caught by Surprise: Crime Prevention Stories that may Shock You

Here at Capital Connect, our highest priority is that our customers receive the absolute best products and service to ensure their home or business is protected 24/7. In most cases, a home security system is the best crime prevention and frequently all it takes to ensure the burglar is caught red-handed by fast-acting local authorities who respond to the alarm signal. But as you’ll see in the stories below, there are several ways to catch a thief.

False Alarms: Causes, Effects and Security Safety Tips

“Whoops, false alarm”. They may not seem like that big of a deal. Practically hundreds of thousands occur across the U.S. each year. But a false alarm is becoming more costly than ever, so it’s a great time to start thinking about how you can avoid unnecessary fines and, more importantly, ensure that in the event of a real emergency your family and home are protected.

Lock Bumping: Safety Tips for Protecting your Home and Family from Smarter Criminals

A New Security Threat. Criminals are constantly searching for, and finding, new ways to quickly enter a home undetected. To protect their families and valuables, homeowners typically install deadbolt locks on their doors as an added security measure. Recently, however, how-to guides have appeared online, informing the general public of an oft used locksmith trick that criminals are using to break into homes. Luckily, today’s top locksmith companies are manufacturing affordable deadbolt locks with added security features that are guaranteed ‘bump’ proof.

Searching for the Best and Latest Home Security and Alarm Equipment? Meet 2GIG

2GIG Technologies, short for Two Guys in a Garage, is Capital Connect’s partner in providing “the most technologically advanced residential security and home management solutions in the industry.” The security products they make have won numerous awards from top critics in the security industry, and have allowed our customers to enjoy the peace of mind knowing their alarm systems are easy to use, updated regularly, and the best, most affordable & safest choice when it comes to protecting their home or business.

Back-to-School Safety Tips: Update, Upgrade and Never Underestimate Security Risks

Can you believe summer has come and gone already? Big yellow buses fill the streets, classrooms are populated by our nation’s bright and promising future, and meanwhile homes are no longer consistently occupied by parents, children and family alike. With school back in session, schedules change and routines are being set. For this reason, it is more important than ever to ensure your daily activities promote a safe, secure, and smarter lifestyle to prevent any unwanted surprises from occurring.

Become a Home Security Super-Hero Today!

With the latest installment of Spiderman having an ‘Amazing’ first couple days at the box office, and Batman looking to steal the show in two weeks, most viewers may feel that without being bit by a radioactive spider – or happening upon several billions of dollars in family heirlooms – that you have little to no ‘super powers’ with which to fight crime in your neighborhood. Well when you install an alarm system from Capital Connect in your home, you gain your own set of super powers that transform you into the neighborhood vigilante.